The InDesign Conference 2015

Meet with Ferdinand at the The InDesign Conference 2015 at movemen's sponsor desk and drop in for our breakfast session on Monday, November 19th:

MathTools V3: Make composing math equations a breeze

Ferdinand briefly presents a few feature highlights of upcoming MathTools V3, the next major version of movemen's Equation Editor for InDesign CS6 and CC.

MathTools at a glance: Entirely based on InDesign's powerful type engine, movemen MathTools adds text based equation editing capabilities to InDesign to handle MathML, deal with native Word equations, and, to insert, edit and format equations right in the story. MathTools imports from Word (native and MathType), XML, IDML and exports to DPS, EPUB, HTML, XML and IDML. Integrators are welcome to use the MathTools API.

Sneak Peek: Rule based MathStyles

A major part of the presentation addresses the challenge to consistently format hundreds, if not thousands, of trivial to complex math equations across an entire document to match a given style guide.

Today, MathStyles are applied manually to guide equation composition accordingly. To achieve a different composition for a given expression, another MathStyle is applied. Manually.

With MathTools V3 MathStyles can be applied based on rules. This way any expression matching a rule will get the same MathStyle applied. With a single mouse-click. Across the entire document, if necessary.

That's a massive improvement not just for quality but it also slashes the time spent on equations. Yeah!

Sneak Peek: Importing native Word equations

Placing a Word docx with native equations into a story looses all equations. InDesign's Word import filter strips them off. This applies to CC 2015, as well.

MathTools V3 solves that problem, finally, and imports these equations.

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