The InDesign Conference 2014

Meet with Ferdinand at The InDesign Conference 2014, and drop in for our breakfast presentation on Tuesday, Nov 4th:

Using MathTools and InDesign's powerful type engine makes math equations fit perfectly into the overall experience of your print or digital publication. Join me to learn more about MathTools and the seamless integration of its Equation Editor and MathML support with InDesign.

  • Entering equations using InDesign Quick Apply
  • Customising MathStyles to match your style guidelines
  • Seamless MathML in copy&paste, XML, HTML5, EPUB and IDML
  • MathTools Enterprise Edition: perfect fit for Adobe InDesignServer
  • MathTools outlook

movemen is a sponsor of The InDesign Conference 2014, November 3-5, in Seattle, Washington.

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movemen is an Adobe Solution Partner.