Announcing MathTools V2

movemen is proud to be able to announce the release of MathTools V2 in March 2014.

MathTools V2 is a major feature update of our Equation Editor for the Adobe InDesign product family CS6 and CC (Creative Cloud).

Select feature highlights

  • New MathStyles, e.g.
    • Matrix
    • Horizontal Braces
    • Multiscripts
    • Resizing multi-segment braces, arrows, ...
  • Preview support in MathStyle Options
  • Incremental MathStyle Find/Change
  • MathZones
  • MathML import and export
  • InDesign Server support

MathTools V2 is doing away with the separate modules found in MathTools V1. All equation conversion functionality provided by mt.importer V1 is now integrated with the base product.

MathTools V2 will come in three editions:

MathTools Pro Edition

This is the full featured Equation Editor, relying entirely on InDesign's type engine to offer a textual representation of the equations. It has everything that's needed to create equations in InDesign/InCopy, import MathType equations and do MathML.

However, there's no support for InDesign Server.

This edition requires a license.

MathTools Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition extends licensing to InDesign Server installations. That's needed to support MathML in XML workflows with InDesign Server. Moreover, scripting support is made available in the Enterprise Edition. This offers system integrators the ability to use MathTools V2 in custom workflows. Typical use cases are custom implementations for digital publications which expects equations in MathML.

This edition requires a license.

MathTools READER Edition

The READER Edition does not require a license. It is free.

As with MathTools V1, the MathTools READER V2 Edition is needed to help InDesign to maintain MathTools V2 data in documents.

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