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Sub- and Superscript

Last change: Jul 12, 2012

Choosing the Right Math Style

Math Style Settings Explained

If you want to Edit the
Make the argument larger or smaller/td> Argument panel>Scale H/V field
Make the subscript larger or smaller Subscript panel>Scale H/V field
Make the superscript larger or smaller Superscript panel>Scale H/V field
Move the subscript up or down Subscript panel>Offset:Below field
Move the superscript up or down Superscript panel>Offset:Below field
Move the subscript left or right Subscript panel>Offset:Left field
Move the superscript left or right Superscript panel>Offset:Left field


1. The size of the superscript and subscript characters is based on the Superscript Size and Subscript Size settings which can be found in the Preferences>Advanced Type dialog.

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